Our Story

The Salinas is a pioneering new community designed to revitalize our minds, bodies, and planet as one.

In a protected cove on the southern end of Long Island, Bahamas lies The Salinas, the most idyllic coastline most people have never heard of. Across 10,000 sweeping acres, healing salt flats from an old Diamond Crystal Salt operation meet crystal-clear turquoise waters on a 12-mile stretch of virgin white sand beach. Calm, leeward-facing cerulean seas have met few ships or people. Wildlife flourishes in shallow lagoons speckled with islands and untamed vegetation, where fishermen travel from worlds away. The Salinas is writing the next chapter in The Bahamas’ history as the first regenerative community that not only integrates with, but improves upon its surroundings.

The island’s first international airport 

is breaking ground just 25 minutes away with capacity for global direct flights and private charters.



Get lost in paradise

The Salinas community is designed to integrate with its natural surroundings and allow global citizens to actively protect the environment amidst a wildlife preserve unlike any other in the world. Low-impact residences and boutique eco-luxury hospitality experiences offer an unplugged lifestyle rooted in Bahamian culture.


The Nature Reserve

The Salinas Nature Reserve will encompass 8,560 acres of secluded beaches, swirling intertidal lagoons, and mangrove forests.

In partnership with The Michael Young Family Foundation, The Bahamas National Trust will oversee planning, operations, and maintenance of The Nature Reserve — the first in Long Island, and the newest in The Bahamas.

A New Model Of

Regenerative Placemaking

Celebrating site
Harness the value of the site’s industrial heritage with a reclamation placemaking strategy that repurposes materials and revitalizes native species while enabling education about environmental interventions.

Responsible Development
Design a precedent for developing destinations based on the site’s unique characteristics, capacity for built environments, and potential to catalyze sustainable, locally-led economic activity.

Habitat Restoration
Expand on the native habitats to create a biodiverse ecosystem that works with and supports development areas.

Harness Natural Energies 
Work with the existing site to design features that ensure the premises for low energy consumption, context integration and reduced operating costs.

Recreation Opportunities
Establish a rich and varied destination that creates a space for residents and visitors to engage with and actively participate in the natural surrounding landscape.

Education and Research
Facilitate strategic partnerships dedicated to researching, learning from, and educating others about the rich ecological networks unique to The Salinas.